About Us

The birth of BOLD…

BOLD was born in 2008 by a Mum (Kate) who was inspired by a need to inject colour and personality into her home. After many years of working for others she decided that the only way she was ever going to be truly satisfied in the workplace was to work from home! With baby number one about to arrive she set about dreaming up ideas on “what to do” with her love of fabrics. After a fruitless search for a lampshade for her new arrival’s nursery, she set about finding unique fabric to make our own and hence BOLD was born.

About Us

And Now…

Thousands of lampshades (and happy customers) later BOLD is still evolving, and as part of the evolution, BOLD has been owned by Sarah since 2015.

Sarah is also a stay at home Mum who lives on a sheep and beef farm in the Central Hawkes Bay. Sarah is carrying on with BOLD’s fanastic service & o continuing to offer unique lampshades made out of beautiful textiles sourced from around the world, as well as taking BOLD to places never been before.

We now have a showroom if you are in the Hawkes Bay and would like to come and see the selection of fabrics first hand. Or if you see something you like online, let us know we would be more than happy to send you a sample of fabric.

Please take a look at our fabric selection and our gallery. Or if you have your fabric or wallpaper to use, we’ll be happy to create a shade using this too! When you find something you like, get in touch and your very exciting BOLD journey begins!

Contact us today to help you with your custom designs. We are more than happy to assist.